Know the Causes of High Blood Sugar

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HEALTHBANKHigh blood sugar levels or hyperglycemia is one of the symptoms experienced by people with diabetes. However, this condition can be experienced by anyone. Know some of the factors that cause high blood sugar.

Impaired insulin hormone is one of the causes of high blood sugar levels. However, there are several other factors that increase the risk of developing high blood sugar levels. Here are some of them:

Causes of High Blood Sugar

Starting from insulin disorders to lifestyle, here are some causes of high blood sugar:

1. Impaired insulin hormone

Insulin is a hormone that plays an important role in maintaining normal blood sugar levels and helps the body’s cells absorb glucose to be converted into energy. Insufficient supply of the hormone insulin or when the hormone insulin does not work optimally due to insulin resistance, can cause high blood sugar levels.

Disturbances in the insulin hormone are caused by autoimmune conditions, age, genetics, or an unhealthy lifestyle that causes excess weight.

2. Artificial sweeteners

Many diabetics think that foods or drinks that do not contain sugar are safe for consumption. In fact, some replace natural sugar with artificial sweeteners, because they are considered safer. In fact, artificial sweeteners can still increase blood sugar levels if consumed in excess.

Quoted from The Journal Nature in 2014, consumption of artificially sweetened drinks labeled ‘zero calories’ in healthy people (non-diabetics), can cause glucose intolerance, increased blood sugar levels, and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

3. Drugs

The use of drugs can also cause blood sugar levels to rise. These drugs cause an increase in blood sugar levels in the body. Quoted from a study in the journal Diabetes Spectrum, here are some drugs that are known to trigger an increase in blood sugar levels:

  • Diuretic drugs: these drugs are used to treat high blood pressure and are fluid boosters, eg thiazide diuretics.
  • Corticosteroids: given to treat inflammation in the body, such as for asthma, arthritis, and other respiratory tract infections.
  • Cyclosporine: a drug used in the treatment of organ transplants.
  • Antipsychotic or antidepressant drugs: these drugs can be used for mental health therapy, such as clozapine and olanzapine.
  • Nicotinic acid or niacin: drugs to lower blood fats, thereby reducing bad cholesterol levels and increasing good cholesterol.
  • Protase inhibitors: drugs used in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, such as ritonavir.
  • Beta blockers: a type of drug used to lower blood pressure, treat arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), to reduce anxiety.

However, you can still take the drugs above. Be sure to consult with your doctor about the rules for taking drugs that trigger an increase in blood sugar. That way, you can get the benefits and prevent side effects that harm your health.

4. Lack of sleep

Research published in The Journal Diabetes Care found that people with type 1 diabetes who limited sleep time to 4 hours each day, their insulin sensitivity decreased by 14-21%.

Lack of sleep will increase stress on the body, causing blood sugar levels to rise. This is because during sleep there is a decrease in the hormone cortisol and the activity of the nervous system which can help regulate blood sugar levels.



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