Free text messaging, voice calls, video calls, and what not, all is actually available in WhatsApp. The very best thing about this cross platform messaging app is it’s available for free. You are able to also share other media and photos, documents, and user location over WhatsApp without worrying about privacy. WhatsApp works on an end-to-end encryption protocol that blocks third party services and apps to access your WhatsApp.

The one thing which annoys the users about FMWhatsApp APK is actually the limits of the features. Like you are able to just send as much as thirty images at once, the video size is actually limited to 16MB. Moreover, spreadsheets, documents, for PDFs, and slideshows maximum allowed file size is actually hundred MB.

These limits are actually introduced to stop spam but often you would like to eliminate them. Many WhatsApp users start looking for an alternative that does not have such restrictions. There are lots of new features included in this FMWhatsApp, like disable internet connection in FMWhatsApp using airplane mode.

NOTE: We do not encourage using WhatsApp MODs as GBWhatsApp 2020 and all of them are actually provided just for academic and research purposes only. The new FM WhatsApp update 2020 has an anti ban feature to keep your account safe still you are going to be accountable if any issues occur.

In case you’re among the folks that would like to get rid of WhatsApp limitations, then you may be interested in knowing about FM WhatsApp for Android. FMWhatsApp is actually a modded version of the official WhatsApp application which is actually created by an independent developer.

This app works on the WhatsApp API and does not have such restrictions as the WhatsApp app. Do note that FMWhatsApp 2020 is still available only for Android devices and you are going to have to download FMWhatsApp APK to install it by hand on the devices of yours. Below you are going to find a comprehensive guide about Fouad FMWhatsApp and just how you are able to install and use it on the Android phones of yours and tablets.

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