BBM Vs. WhatsApp, Which One Is Better

It’s been extended that everybody was eagerly awaited for the BBM. Now it’s at last offered for Android and iPhone or iOS users. Although there are many messaging services offered though it looks like BBM has a good competition from WhatsApp. After that let us examine these 2 and find out which one is way better.

BBM for privacy

In case you’re aiming for one thing that’s much more private next BBM is the best option in your case. If you choose this particular service, you’ll be making use of a distinctive PIN through which you are able to get in touch with the contacts of yours. Which means that unless a buddy has recognized the request of yours you won’t have the ability to make contact with by BBM.

When you notice it different after that it appears a hassle as if you make use of WhatsApp you’re very easily in touch with all on the phonebook of yours. It’s as easy as delivering a message to the next user.

Call grid

BBM appears to have a much Yo WhatsApp APK contact grid as compared to WhatsApp. Right here you’ve a couple of chosen individuals to speak with. Nevertheless, with WhatsApp you are going to have everything on the contact grid of yours. The typical element with both the chat messengers appears to be adding the good friends of yours as well as family. You are able to develop a list on the BBM of yours or even produce Favorites in the WhatsApp of yours.

Message Delivery

There’s an unique way these 2 apps behave with regards to message delivery notification or perhaps alerts regarding it.

WhatsApp alerts you if a user is actually on the internet and their last seen time. With BBM, you’re not furnished some info though you’ll still understand when another is busy or available based on the present status of theirs.

For individuals who really like on the internet and last seen they are able to choose WhatsApp, as the info is generally precise.

BBM differs in the approach of its towards note delivery; you are going to get an R for read D and receipt for shipping condition. WhatsApp provides you with individual tick for message sent and double for shipping.

For WhatsApp users they’ll just understand whether the email of theirs was read based on final login time as well as last seen time of an additional user.

BBM provide you with with an alternative of PING just love poke on Facebook this feature will help you nudge an additional user.


The emoticon choice differs in both the messaging services though it boils right down to the own private choice of yours.

WhatsApp provides you with smiley, animals, pictures along with other emoticons to express yourself. While BBM has limited number of discerning emoticons.

This’s most likely more done to individual emoticon preference than nearly anything different, though we’ve to state we choose the choices you get on WhatsApp compared to BBM.

Chat Space

The chat area offered by WhatsApp is a lot more in comparison to what’s supplied by BBM. The discussion bubbles of the chat are larger.

In case you’re utilizing a BlackBerry handset you then are able to alter the content size or perhaps else you are going to need to live up with it. The opportunity of adding a lot more discussion communications is awarded to BlackBerry users.

Common factors

Right after comparing the 2 together, truth be told there are a couple of features that are typical in both the idea services.

• Updating as well as creating chat status which can serve as an alert information to various other people regarding the current mood of yours.

• You are able to make groups in both the chat services but you will find more attachment choices offered with WhatsApp. You are going to be in a position to send pictures, video files, sound notes as well as media data. Nevertheless, with BBM you just have the possibility of sound, picture & video files.


In case you’re utilizing a BlackBerry handset then you’ve complete function enabled in BBM. Things as video, voice and screen share are still to be created in BBM chat for non BlackBerry users. With present, this particular app is suitable for all platforms only as WhatsApp.

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